The Zone Sergey Dovlatov

The Zone - Sergey Dovlatov
Автор: Dovlatov Sergey
Переводчик: Frydman Anne
Издательство: Alma Books, 2011 г.
Научный редактор: Кузовенин Минай Харитонович
Главный художник: Волосных Созонт Герасимович
Оформитель: Харами Денис Фролович
Количество страниц: 573
Формат: fb2, pdf,txt

Описание к книге "The Zone"
Based on Dovlatov's actual experience of being a prison guard in Soviet Russia in the 1960s, and full of comic and humane detail, The Zone depicts the absurd day-to- day life of a camp in an insightful and unusual way, challenging commonly held perceptions of the relations between incarcerators and the incarcerated. A priceless chronicle of its time which highlights universal themes, Dovlatov's genre-defying novel also provides moments of high entertainment and humour, rendered in his characteristically sharp, concise and sardonic style. Читать The Zone Sergey Dovlatov.

  • The Zone Sergey Dovlatov

  • The Zone Sergey Dovlatov
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